Since four generations, Dentelles MÉRY – founded by Jean MÉRY – proudly produce in Caudry, France, mechanic laces of high value. They concentrate their activity in the Leavers’ lace.

Emile-MeryEarly’s 20th century

The story starts with Emile MÉRY. He works as foreman for Ets Rousseau-Wilmot, which made tulles, embroideries and Leavers laces.


The 20'sJean-Mery

1924 Back from his military service, his son Jean MÉRY was offering the possibility to enter into Ets Rousseau-Wilmot. Jean MÉRY declines the proposal.

1925 With his father’s help, Jean MÉRY buys his first Leavers loom (from Ets Rousseau-Wilmot).

1927 A second loom is acquired.


Jean Claude MERYDaniel MERYThe 50’s and the 60’s

Jean MÉRY oldest son Jean-Claude MERY gives a hand in the company, then Jean MERY youngest son Daniel MÉRY enters few years later. The first one practices as salesman, the second one is in the production with his father. Dentelles MÉRY quickly buy twenty firms, including product machinery and catalogs : explaining the today’s wide range.


Jean Pascal MERY1972

In October of those year, Jean-Pascal MÉRY integrates the family-owned business. He’s Jean-Claude MERY youngest son and is trained by his Grand-Father, is Uncle and his Father about secrets of Leavers lace.


Dentelles Méry Juillet 2015 0021984 and 2014

Running the firm since 1984, Jean-Pascal MÉRY becomes the only owner thirty years later and established main premises in the former Claisse-Henninot facility, an old famed company. Nowadays, the industrial estate is about sixty looms.